Operation Sunflower: Greater Good Charities Transports Nearly 100 Pets Out of Hurricane Ida Destruction to South Dakota

On Friday, September 3rd, our Good Flights crew loaded up their plane with some precious cargo for Operation Sunflower. The flight transported 90 dogs and cats who were in Louisiana shelters prior to Hurricane Ida. They were flown to safety and new lives in South Dakota. This emergency flight not only gives these pets the opportunity for a better life, but it is also freeing up space for incoming displaced pets after Hurricane Ida.

Aboard this flight was a very special passenger, “Mr. Stewart Iggy Sunflower”. When this poor boy arrived at the shelter, it was clear someone had intentionally burned him. Despite all he’s been through, Stewart's personality is the sweetest. 

After so much pain and cruelty, he is now in his new foster home and enjoying a bed for what is likely the first time ever. Stewart’s medical recovery is even being funded by our Emergency Animal Medical program.

You might be wondering why this mission is called Operation Sunflower? 🌻 Sioux Falls is the top producer of sunflowers in the country. This flower is a symbol of strength and resilience, and no one is stronger or more resilient than the pets aboard this flight just like Stewart. 


Special thanks to our receiving shelter partners in South Dakota:

  • 4 Luv of Dog Rescue
  • Almost Home Canine Rescue
  • Battle Mountain Humane Society
  • Brookings Regional Humane Society
  • Critters Inc.
  • Glacial Lake humane society and shelter
  • Heartland Humane Society
  • Humane Society of the Black Hills
  • Siouxland Humane Society
  • Western Hills Humane Society

We are continuing to transport animals out of Louisiana and need your help. Your donations give deserving pets like Stewart Iggy Sunflower the chance to find love and family. We’re so honored to have your support.