Greater Good Charities’ Continued Support for Maui

The fires are out, but the need is still there.

Greater Good Charities is working with our long-time partner, the Maui Humane Society, to help with ongoing recovery efforts since wildfires ravaged Maui nearly seven months ago.

Recently, our team traveled to the island to distribute Good Packs full of essential supplies and comfort items to displaced families and pets.

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More need in Maui

The wildfires displaced over 5,000 residents. More than 1,500 families decided to leave the island for good after the destruction.  

Moani Makaiwi of the Maui Humane Society explained that she realized the depth of the destruction when she saw families who lost their homes and are now living in their cars. Many are desperate to ensure their children have somewhere to sleep and can return to school. 

That is why Greater Good Charities is committed to supporting recovery efforts in Maui.

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Immediately after the fires, our support included flying in humanitarian and pet supplies. Then, with the help of local partners, Greater Good Charities flew pets awaiting adoption at the Maui Humane Society to the Pacific Northwest and California, making room for the influx of displaced pets on the island.  

Greater Good Charities has returned multiple times to conduct spay and neuter clinics, provide care to pet owners, and curb pet overpopulation. We also supplied students, many of whom lost their homes, with school supplies and backpacks to make the transition back to school less stressful.

We recently sent a team to Maui to assemble Good Packs full of socks, sunscreen, toiletries, and other essential supplies. This included pet subpacks with food and treats. Our team visited hotels, beaches, and parks, distributing over 500 Good Packs to displaced individuals and families.

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Denise Bash, Greater Good Charities' Vice President of Pet Programs, shared a poignant account of the families she encountered. “I saw tears of gratitude, felt countless hugs, and had many heartfelt conversations. Their gratitude was overwhelming, underscoring the profound impact of Good Packs."

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how you can help

Donations and relief efforts have waned as news coverage shifts to other crises and disasters. However, the people of Maui are still struggling, and Greater Good Charities remains on the ground to help people and pets who need it most.

You can make a difference. Your donation contributes to relief efforts and supports our disaster response fund, providing immediate relief for victims of this tragedy and other natural disasters.

We cannot do it without you. Every dollar helps. Please donate today.