Ongoing Maui Relief: 50 Cats Flown to Safety

In the wake of the devastating wildfires that swept through Maui eight months ago, the Maui Humane Society (MHS), in partnership with Greater Good Charities, has been working tirelessly to provide relief and shelter to pets in need. Since disaster struck, Maui Humane has opened its doors to over 800 displaced cats and dogs, including a significant number rescued from the Lahaina burn zone. However, organizations like Maui Humane Society continue to face capacity challenges and a strain on resources as recovery efforts continue.

VS-Photograph_20240426_GFL_HI-CA_Loading_001_©MauiHumaneSociety copyPhoto © Maui Humane Society

The Journey of Maui's Displaced Pets

To provide urgent support, Greater Good Charities, alongside Maui Humane, the Humane Society Silicon Valley, and Lanai Cat Sanctuary, orchestrated a monumental rescue effort. Through a coordinated Good Flight mission, 50 cats from Maui were airlifted to California, where they will begin new chapters of their lives.

VS-Photograph_20240426_GFL_HI-CA_Loading_003_©MauiHumaneSociety copyPhoto © Maui Humane Society

This large transport included cats from various backgrounds—those rescued from wildfire-ravaged Lahaina, as well as cats surrendered to Maui Humane and Lanai Cat Sanctuary. These feline survivors, having endured immense hardship, now have the opportunity for a fresh start. Upon arrival in California, they will be lovingly placed up for adoption, marking the beginning of their journey toward healing and happiness. 

Dr. Labrecque, CEO of Maui Humane Society, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the collaborative effort, stating, “Not only does this transport mark a major milestone in our fire response efforts, but it’s also one that is near and dear to my heart because of the collaboration involved… It means the world to me to see these organizations, along with Greater Good Charities, come together for these cats who survived the devastating fires.”

VS-Photograph_20240426_GFL_HI-CA_Unloading_002_©HumaneSocietySiliconValley copyPhoto © Maui Humane Society

As the cats bid aloha to Maui and prepare to embrace their new lives in California, the impact of this collective rescue is felt deeply by a community working to rebuild in the aftermath of disaster.

You Can Help

You can support our ongoing recovery efforts in Maui to help families and pets whose lives have been devastated and forever changed by wildfires.