Lost But Not Forgotten: How Ukrainian Schoolchildren Saved a Family of Pups

When Ukrainians fled their homes, they often escaped without their pets.

Unfortunately, many pets accustomed to shelters and loving homes were left to roam the streets as strays. It is easy to forget these orphans of war, but many brave Ukrainians who stayed behind are working hard to protect these innocent animals.

VS-Photograph_20240117_DRI_Ukraine_UnitedforAnimals_004 copyPhoto © United for Animals

Young volunteers saved one dog's family in Borodyanka.

The mother is a large red dog who gave birth to her puppies in the wild, attempting to shield them from people and violence. As the puppies grew and started to explore, they began playing in the middle of a busy road. Miraculously, they were not struck by the vehicles that travel that road daily.

When a group of young schoolchildren were walking home, they saw one puppy almost hit by a truck. They ran to save the puppy without hesitation. However, the mother dog tried to attack the schoolchildren to protect her family. She then hid her pups for several days.

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Barney, the puppy saved by Ukrainian schoolchildren, relaxes in his new shelter.

Photo © United for Animals

The young volunteers did not give up. 

Thanks to Greater Good Charities' support and food donations, they started feeding the mother and puppies. Over time, her heart melted with nutritious meals, treats, and the children's kindness.

She began to trust people for the first time, and the volunteers relocated the dogs to a safe shelter. They are now in a large hut with food where they will survive the frigid winter.


Overall, the grant that provided food for Barney and his family helped 2,865 animals in crisis.

Greater Good Charities saves innocent pets left behind in war-torn Ukraine. Can we count on your support to fund more grants?