Tiny Shelter, Big Love: Lyudmila Gives Abandoned Pets a Second Chance in War-Torn Kramatorsk

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has brought about immense challenges, particularly for the residents of Kramatorsk.

Situated on the front lines of the Battle of Kramatorsk, they have been forced to endure the devastating effects of war, including frequent bombings, targeted missile attacks on the railway, and drone strikes. Despite these obstacles, the people of Kramatorsk have shown remarkable resilience and strength, finding ways to survive and support one another in the face of adversity.

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Photo © United for Animals
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Photo © United for Animals

Tiny Apartment Shelter

One brave Kramatorsk resident is Lyudmila. She is well-known throughout the city for her kind heart and resilience. She may be small and appear fragile, but she is a strong and tireless volunteer. Seeing the animals left behind when their owners had to flee, Lyudmila turned her apartment into a mini shelter, where more than 25 cats and several dogs now live. 

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Photo © United for Animals

Lyudmila also feeds the many homeless pets waiting for her on the street every day. She never passes by someone in need and always helps despite everything she has endured during the war. Even when the situation seems hopeless, she brings hope to her community. 

You Can Help

People like Lyudmila give hope to their community by helping others. We thank her and the other Kramatorsk volunteers for their indomitability and strength. Despite the trauma of war, they do not abandon those who need support.

We can continue to support essential volunteers' work, which brings light and hope to their communities in Kramatorsk, across Ukraine, and around the world.

Your donations provide food, shelter, and necessities, making work on the ground possible. Can we count on your support?