And our 2019 Girls’ Voices for Change Winners Are…

Today on International Day of the Girl, we’re excited to present our winners of this year’s Girls’ Voices for Change awards.

International Day of the Girl was created in 2012 to address the needs and challenges girls face while promoting girls’ empowerment. With a similar vision, the Girls’ Voices program highlights the education gap amongst girls around the world and uses digital media as a tool for education, empowerment, and storytelling. All participants received funding for their schooling and are eligible to enter our annual contest.

This year’s winning entries were selected from a pool of hundreds of stories created from 20 different countries. Over $30,000 in grants and scholarships are awarded to girls who participate in the contest.

Celebrate International Day of the Girl with our winners’ inspiring stories. See them all here.

My Story

Judges’ Award (Prize: $1500)

Sophia Rising

Sophie, 19, from Maralal, Kenya

I discovered my voice, and the power  the media has to change things in my community.”

Audience Award (Prize: $1000)

Under the Lemon Tree

Adele, 17, from Athens, Greece

“There are few opportunities for girls like me, my whole life I have believed I would make it though.” Award (Prize: $1000)


Abida, 18, from Kolkata, India

“I want to be a filmmaker and narrate the stories of the people of our communities.”


Judges’ Award (Prize: $1500)


Ruthloveny, 16, from Savanne Longue, Haiti

“I want all children to have the opportunity to go to school.”

Audience Award (Prize: $1000)


Astrid, 17, from El Progreso, Honduras

“I want to create a better place for the generations that follows me.” Award (Prize: $1000)

Youth Back the Farm

Phiona, 18, from Kampala, Uganda

“Above all, l have attained the zeal to serve my community.”

Style & Culture

Judges’ Award (Prize: $1500)


Berlanda, 15, from Savanne Longue, Haiti

“I want to complete my education with my family’s support.”

Audience Award (Prize: $1000)


Monju, 19, from Kolkata, India

“Girls need to be vocal to be empowered.” Award (Prize: $1000)

For Our Children

Karoli and Christy, 17, from Lima, Peru

“We hope to keep representing our culture and identity through filmmaking.”


Judges’ Award (Prize: $1000)

What is Hidden in Simple View

Mixy, 18, from El Progreso, Honduras

“I want to keep fighting for my dreams.”

Audience Award (Prize: $500)


Suboti, 18, from Kolkata, India

“Girls need confidence and determination to be empowered.” Award (Prize: $500)

My Story Through the Lens of a Camera

Gjylshahe, 20, from Peja, Kosovo

“From every video and photo, I heard a girl’s voice opening new doors to her future.”