Celebrate World Ranger Day 2017 with the Baby Rhino Meimei

In honor of World Ranger Day, we bring you a beautiful story of a black rhino from the Ol Jogi Game Reserve in Kenya —

In Kenya, poaching has decimated the black rhino population. In 1970, 20,000 rhinos roamed the country, but by 2013 fewer than 600 black rhinos remained (IUCN 2013). Every day, rangers are out on the frontlines working to save rhinos from poachers. With so few rhinos in the wild, it is imperative to protect every rhino – especially those who need medical attention. To do that, rangers need your help.

In March 2016, a team of rangers spotted the 4-day-old calf Meimei and immediately knew something was not right. After careful examination, they confirmed that Meimei was completely blind. Without her sight, she was helpless and would not survive in the wild. Rangers moved Meimei to a rehabilitation center where she received veterinary treatment and care. She needed bottle feeding every two hours and antibiotic treatment for the infection that caused her blindness. Through the dedicated effort of rangers, Meimei’s blindness disappeared.  In just one year she regained her eyesight, and will soon be released back into the wild!

*all photo credits to Ol Jogi Game Reserve

Thanks to donors like you, Meimei is now a healthy rhino, ready to return to the wild. With your help, we can ensure other endangered rhinos like Meimei get the care they need through our Project Peril Signature Program, which supports organizations like Save the Rhino International.

You can help save the entire species, one rhino at a time.