Giving Back to Our Veterans


Over 450,000 US veterans are currently unemployed, while close to 40,00 veterans are currently homeless. Thanks to you, Greater Good Charities is able to grant funds to organizations around the country helping out veteran families in need.

With one of these grants, Feed Our Veterans was able to buy bulk foods for their pantry and were also able to supply grocery gift cards to families outside the pantry areas. They were able to help families like Jeff’s.

Jeff, a Navy veteran, and his family were struggling after health problems forced him out of work for several months, some of which were spent in a hospital. Although his wife worked full time the family was having trouble paying the bills and still having enough left over to buy food for the family for the month. The increased medical expenses for hospitalization and treatment and the reduced income from his inability to work put them in a difficult spot. Fortunately, they were able to access the Feed Our Vets Utica pantry once a week. At the pantry, they could pick whatever food they needed and take home as much as they could carry. This included not only shelf-stable canned and boxed foods, peanut butter, pasta and the like, but also fresh milk and frozen meat. With this extra help, the family was able to get through this difficult time, keep themselves and their two boys fed with nutritious food, and still keep their home and pay their bills.

Other veterans, not lucky enough to have a stable home, have described this kind of help as life-altering, as the residents of Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) recounted. US Army Veteran Mark recalled he had reached an unhealthy weight prior to coming in for help due to his financial struggles and not-so-great food choices. “Not having to worry about food, having the salad bar and variety of good food has helped me, I am eating healthier and less bread,” he said. Since then he’s lost 25 pounds and feels better.

US Navy Veteran Kevin has also turned his life around. He says that he is able to make healthier choices when it comes to his food and that it has inspired him to start exercising. US Amy Veteran James was sent to VVSD from Honolulu. He says that this gives him hope. “When I start asking myself why am I here or begin doubting myself, I look at all the good people and think about how everyone is helping to take care of me – the food definitely counts,” he smiles. We couldn’t take care of this nation’s heroes without your help. Thank you.

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