’s Rescue Bank Helps Save Emily

Rescue Bank Emily

Look at that smile!

Emily was brought to the West Feliciana Animal Humane Society (WFAHS) after animal control took her out of a bad situation where other pit bulls lived and were perhaps bred to fight. She looked beaten up, scarred, and bruised. She had injuries to her inner ear, front legs, and a very swollen eye. Emily was also pregnant and about two weeks from her due date. Tests would reveal she was also heartworm positive.

Emily has received medical care and lots of love at the shelter with good nutritious food WFAHS received from’s Rescue Bank program. She then delivered 14 healthy puppies that all looked just like her, and they all survived!

Rescue Bank Emily

Emily having a good chew!

Thanks to’s Rescue Bank and donors like you, WFAHS can care for the health and nutrition of their dogs and cats that end up at the shelter and save money at the same time that can help medical cases like Emily.