Helping Seniors Pass Final Exams Amidst Coronavirus

Many secondary school girls around the world are facing the potential of retaking their senior year due to global school shutdowns. Without schooling, girls were missing the vital preparation time they needed to pass their final exams – an exam required for graduation, and their gateway to attend college. 
During the “Spread Hope” Girls’ Voices at Home video challenge, we asked girls around the world to share messages of hope during this difficult time. As a part of the winning prize, we made a donation in the name of each of the five winners to support Girls’ Voices scholars. Thanks to this funding, Positive Youth Development in Cameroon held a workshop for these scholars to help prepare them to take their final secondary school exams. The workshop included tips, training, and best practices in specific subjects like biology and math for their upcoming exams. With direction from teachers who previously passed their exams, this kind of tutoring is often the difference between passing or failing final exams to move on to college. 

Just last year, Positive Youth Development supported Girls’ Voices scholar, Sandra, who passed this important milestone with the support of these workshops and is now starting college. It is more important than ever to help these students get access to the tutoring they need to pass their exit exams and move on to college. This would not have been possible without the support of our Girls’ Voices at Home community.


Thank you to our donors for continuing to make a difference for Girls’ Voices scholars around the world, and to our partners for filling in much-needed gaps during this time.

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