Humanely Regulating the Feral Cat Population


Feral cats, which typically live together in colonies within neighborhoods, business areas, or other public spaces, differ from stray cats. A feral cat has been born and raised without human contact, and is therefore unsocialized. They tend to avoid humans, or may growl and strike out when approached. On the other hand, a stray cat is socialized and once lived as a pet, but was abandoned or lost.

Both feral and stray cat populations can cause problems. However, while a stray cat has the possibility of adoption into a forever home, feral cats remain fearful of humans and rarely become friendly.

Because of this, programs are under way to humanely regulate feral cat populations around the world. These programs are usually referred to as “trap-neuter-return,” where the animal is humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, and returned to the location where they were collected. While under the care of humans, the cats may also be vaccinated against rabies and given other critical medical attention.

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The trap-neuter-return programs are the most effective way of managing feral cat populations. Doing this benefits the cats by improving quality of life, and also prevents them from spreading diseases or harming nearby humans. It also ensures that these animals do not fill up local shelters and rescue centers, causing adoptable cats to be euthanized to free up resources.

It takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and funding for caring individuals and non-profit animal welfare organizations to keep a feral cat population under control through trap-neuter-return initiatives. Fortunately, Tru-Catch Traps has partnered with GreaterGood to provide their leading humane cat traps to well-deserved groups. Receiving these traps will significantly lessen the burden these organizations face as they work to manage the number of feral cats.

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