Introducing Greater Good Charities!

introducing Greater Good Charities

On September 19th, the 13th anniversary of our founding, we at announced a new identity: Greater Good Charities!

Where We’ve Been

On September 19, 2007, Greater Good Charities was officially founded based on the simple principle that when communities work together and take small actions, we can change the world.

Since its conception, Greater Good Charities granting to amplify the good around the world has increased significantly from $1.9 million to $55 million in 2019!

What We’ve Accomplished

Here’s how we’ve amplified the good across the globe for people, pets, and the planet:


  • Provided over 3.7 million meals to people in need, particularly to school children and veterans
  • Awarded 951 scholarships to girls in 28 countries to continue their education
  • Given over 3.2 million books to at-risk children in need


  • Delivered over 400 million meals to pets in need
  • Provided over $1 million for animal medical cases
  • Completed 155 renovation projects in pet, homeless, and domestic violence shelters
  • Signed up over 82,000 fosters for pet shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Launched cat shelter enrichment program resulting in 1,795 “hard to adopt” felines being adopted 


  • Provided starvation relief for a billion bees to avoid an ecological disaster
  • Protected over 1.1 million acres of critical rainforest and other habitats
  • Led 31 biodiversity and conservation expeditions

Why the Rebrand?

In the past 13 years, Greater Good Charities has evolved to include 13 signature programs and an increased focus on partnerships, resulting in a larger on-the-ground presence and deeper impact.

Greater Good Charities has proudly led and joined coalitions of best-in-class non-profit partners and expanded partnerships with for-profit partners to amplify the good more effectively.

The rebrand to Greater Good Charities more accurately reflects the change in our approach while remaining committed to our mission to protect people, pets, and the planet.