Keeping Pets and Families Together in a Time of Crisis


As coronavirus continues to change our everyday lives, many families are facing situations they never thought imaginable. Whether it be job loss, reduced hours, or small business struggles, ordinary Americans are now facing economic hardships through no fault of their own. If their family pet falls sick or ill, they may be forced into a painful reality – euthanizing their pet because they simply don’t have the money.

But thanks to YOU and a grant from Tito’s Handmade Vodka, we kept pets and families together by providing support to nonprofit veterinary providers to cover the cost of life-saving care.

alt="keeping pets with families smiling pet"

This is Mitzy, a three-legged 16-year-young Chihuahua mix. Mitzy has lived with her loving owner for most of her life. The Little Angel Project took Mitzy for radiographs and a full blood panel due to concerning health conditions. Although the veterinarian noticed that Mitzy had an enlarged heart and natural symptoms of an older dog, she won’t need any invasive surgeries just yet. Look how happy she is knowing she’s okay!

alt="keeping pets with families cat"
Hang in there, Itty Bitty! ❤️

Meet Itty Bitty from New Orleans. Sadly, she arrived at the CATNIP Foundation after being hit by a car. Itty Bitty’s owner found her severely injured and brought her to the CATNIP foundation to receive a skin graft surgery. This little 2-year-old fighter is recovering at the clinic where she’s on antibiotics and laser therapy. She’ll return to her forever home in no time! 💛

The opportunity to keep pets and families from splitting up is a blessing. This crisis is far from over. We must continue to come together to help pets and people in need. There are few things more healing than a loving best friend.