Making a Positive Change for Elephants in Thailand


Since Coronavirus collapsed the tourism industry, Elephant Nature Park in Thailand has needed your help to continue to provide the best food and care to its elephants and other animals. But your donations have reached beyond the borders of this park, making a change for elephants all over Thailand.


The Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) supports elephants across Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, providing food and care to many elephant parks and camps.

Two of these are the Mae Sa and Chok Chai elephant camps. Beyond giving support to keep their elephants healthy, SEF has striven to open a dialogue for change with these camps.

elephants at Chok Chai enjoying the water
Enjoying the water!

The camps have long used elephants for riding and to perform unnatural tasks to entertain tourists. But now, Mae Sa and Chok Chai have both committed to removing elephant riding from their programs! They will work to develop ethical sanctuaries under the guidance of SEF.

Now the 77 elephants at Mae Sa and 68 elephants at Chok Chai will be free from saddles and chains! They can play in the river without a care in the world.

elephants in the river
Splashing fun at Chok Chai