National Feed a Rescue Pet Week: Help Homeless Pets Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic


July 26 – August 2 is National Feed a Rescue Pet Week!

This year, National Feed a Rescue Pet Week is different. Our goal is to help thousands of pets (and the shelters and rescues that care for them) around the country who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We hope to provide 2.4 million meals and 150,000 pounds of critical supplies such as bowls, leashes, crates, and more.

Food is one of the most vital needs for shelters and rescue organizations. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, shelters and rescue organizations are experiencing a massive drop in donations. Many of these groups, after food costs, have little or nothing left in their budget for medical treatment, vaccines or adoption programs. That’s why Rescue Bank* is hosting a pet food drive to ship food to shelters and rescue groups across the country — so they can save more animals like Alice. 

Alice is an 11-month-old terrier mix surrendered by her owner at the end of June with a request to euthanize because there was something wrong with her leg. Houston Humane Society took Alice in to nurse her back to health. X-rays and ultrasounds revealed a broken right tibia. It wasn’t a complete break, so they were thankfully able to cast the leg instead of adding plates or pins to the bone that would interfere with her growth. Alice is doing great and will be available for adoption once she’s recovered.

With food donations from Rescue Bank*, Houston Humane Society shifted those funds to treat the medical needs of animals like Alice and fed the pets in their shelter without a worry!

Rescue pets like Alice all over the country need your help. July is one of the busiest months for many shelters and rescues, and things are all the more difficult given the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. More animals mean more hungry bellies. If you can, help celebrate National Feed a Rescue Pet Week by making a gift. Just $25 ships 400 meals and 25 pounds of supplies—donate now to help.

Donate to Rescue Bank* to support National Feed a Rescue Pet Week!