12 Gift Ideas for Pet-Lovers that Give GOOD 🎁

As inflation continues to affect nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, everyone is looking for creative ways to save this holiday season! With Greater Good Charities, you can give your loved ones a gift that is not only impactful for pets in need, but also easily fits your budget! 

This gift-giving season, Give GOOD by making a donation in honor of a loved one that creates a positive impact for pets in need and the planet. You can send an Ecard with your personalized tribute message and warm wishes for the season. You can choose to deliver your Ecard immediately or on a scheduled date.

Check out this list of 12 meaningful, budget-friendly gift ideas for the pet-lovers in your life that also provide quality food, supplies, resources, and hope to homeless pets and animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide!

Give the Gift of a Full Belly

TopImage_Two Sad Puppies in Cage (RR - Muttnation)

Overcrowding, utilities and emergency response can deplete a shelter's budget, leaving them in serious need and unable to afford one of their most critical expenses: pet food. Your gift of just $25 can ship 500 of meals to hungry shelter pets!

Send Meals to Hungry Pets


Help Feed Bottle Babies


Often litters of kittens and puppies without homes are separated from their mothers, putting them in jeopardy at the most critical point in their development.  What could be cuter than giving a gift of helping puppies and kittens grow big and strong? A gift of just $1 can ship $40 worth of nourishing milk replacer!

Give Puppies and Kittens a Happy & Healthy Life


Keep Pets Out of Shelters and In Homes for the Holidays

TopImage_Hoss with Seth_COVID-19 Call to Foster_NHA copy

Animal shelters are in crisis. After a record number of adoptions and fosters in 2020, shelters are reporting unprecedented overpopulation. Driven by a decrease in adoptions, decrease in animal transfer, and increase in length of stay, many shelters all over the country are above capacity and are being forced to make incredibly difficult decisions. Help us find good homes for in-need shelter animals nationwide.

Help Innocent Animals Find Safe Homes


Give Care Packages for Cats

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Did you know that animals that are healthy, happy and well-fed stand a much better chance of being adopted? You can send food, vaccinations, bedding, and enrichment needs to cats in animal shelters this winter! A gift of just $20 sends a care package of 200 bowls of cat food, one warm bed, and the vaccination of one shelter cat.

Send a Care Package to a Shelter Cat


Transport Shelter Pets to Safety

TopImage_082022_Volunteers Unloading Plane_©Good Flights August 20 (1)

The reality for many pets in overcrowded shelters across the country is bleak. Their chances of making it to a safe forever home are poor. This holiday season you can transport pets from overcrowded shelters to areas with plenty of space and adoption demand!

Save Pets from Overcrowded Shelters


Give a Cat a Better Chance at Adoption


Shelters are stressful for cats, and a stressed cat is more prone to disease and nervousness, making them less likely to be adopted. Make it a Meowy Christmas and send a Cat Pawsitive educator to teach shelter cats new skills that enrich their stay in the shelter, ease their stress, and make them more likely to find a forever home!

Give an Entire Shelter Full of Cats A New Beginning


Build a Safe Space for Those Experiencing Homelessness and Their Pets

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No one should have to make a decision between staying with their pet and finding a warm place to sleep. You can help build more safe spaces for people experiencing homelessness and their furry loved one and help them find a home for the holidays!

Keep Families Together


Help Animals Get the Medical Treatment They Need to Survive

Millie 1

 Sweet Millie was surrendered by a backyard breeder who could no longer care for all the pets in his home. Upon having a check-up at the shelter, it was discovered that Millie was suffering from pyometra, a painful infection in her uterus. The vets rushed Millie into emergency surgery, and the next morning, she seemed to still be in pain. She ended up needing blood transfusions, as well as having her spleen removed. Be a holiday miracle for pets like Millie!

Give Pets the Medical Care They Desperately Need

Give Care Packages for Dogs

TopImage_Pittsylvania Pet Center Dog 3_©Pittsylvania Pet Center_SFS Coronavirus Relief copy

A warm bed and a full belly can go a long way for the well-being of shelter dogs and puppies! Dogs who are healthy, happy and well-fed stand a much better chance of being adopted. This holiday season, send a care package of nutritious, high quality food, beds and vaccinations to dogs waiting for their forever homes!

Send a Care Package to a Shelter Dog


Help Build a Safe Space for Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Pets

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Did you know that nearly 50% of pet-owning women will delay leaving an abusive home due to fear for the lives of their pets? That is a heartbreaking number of victims forced to make the terrible choice between leaving to save themselves and their children, and leaving their pets behind with an abusive partner. Show support and help bring these victims to safety - together.

Help Survivors and Their Pets Find Safety Together


Save Lives and Reduce Pet Overpopulation with Spay/Neuter

TopImage_Cats Await Treatment_©Hector Navarro_Good Fix copy

Overpopulation of community cats and dogs is an ongoing problem in communities across the U.S. Not only does this overpopulation create human-animal conflict but also a burden on animal shelters to euthanize unwanted pets. You can help! A gift of just $20 sterilizes a cat or dog, preventing hundreds of unwanted kittens or puppies. 

Save Lives and Prevent Unnecessary Suffering


Become a Protector

Greater Good Charities has directly helped over 4.5 MILLION pets. This impactful work only happens because of our amazing community of donors. We rely on our group of Protectors to sustain our mission to protect pets all year round through recurring gifts. Let your loved one know how special they are by honoring them with a gift that keeps on giving.

Give Year-Round to Help to Pets In-Need



This gift-giving season, you don’t need to waste your hard-earned money on trinkets or random Amazon finds. You can do so much more. Give them something meaningful and impactful for pets - no need to break the bank! Check out our catalog to see more ideas that give more than a gift, they Give Good!

Give GOOD This Holiday Season!