Natalia’s Mission to Feed Ukraine’s War-Orphaned Pets

In Borodianka, Ukraine, Boris Pomroy, Executive Vice President of Fundraising and Marketing for Greater Good Charities, met Natalia, a brave volunteer saving orphaned pets despite her own losses.

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From Devastation to Determination

Natalia’s Story

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Ongoing Aid

Since the start of the conflict, Greater Good Charities, alongside partners such as United for Animals, has delivered over 31.6 million meals to pets in need throughout Ukraine. In addition, our shelter winterization program ensured that dogs in Borodianka and more than 70 other locations have warmth and safety through the frigid winter.  

Natalia often ponders why she stayed behind. “I don’t know, but maybe God saved me so I can continue feeding and taking care of the animals because they would not survive without us.” 

Natalia’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and community in the face of devastation. This story of resilience is one of many that illuminates a path toward healing and recovery.  

Join the Effort

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You can be a part of this remarkable story and many more left to tell.

Your contribution to Greater Good Charities provides food, shelter, and medical care to animals affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Together, we can ensure that no animal is left behind.