Shelter Pets: the Real Winners this Sunday


This year, our donors did not help us meet our goal of $40,000 to provide nutritious pet food to shelter animals all across the United States… THEY BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER!

You helped us reach the end zone and then do a little touchdown dance! Every dollar you donated will go directly to our programs to feed shelter animals, allowing shelters to put their limited budgets into other adoption programs and save more lives.

Again, this year, Purina matched every donation, dollar for dollar, up to a $40,000 value for healthy, nutritious food–and your donations more than doubled that goal! With your support, we will be able to deliver over 2 million meals of pet food to hungry shelter pets who need it most, like Mauka.

Mauka was rescued from a dogfighting ring where she had been abused and was severely malnourished. Thanks to donations from Rescue Bank, her shelter was able to give her plenty of love, excellent veterinary care, and lots of nutritious food during her recovery. She is now spayed, vaccinated, healthy, and ready for her forever home!