Shelter Bowl Success: Over Three Million Meals Provided for Pets

Thanks to generous donors and partners, shelter pets are chowing down. And there's more you can do to help.   

The Big Game may be over, but Greater Good Charities is still playing. The current score is 3.24 million meals for shelter pets nationwide. Thanks to our generous partners, Boehringer Ingelheim and Hill's Pet Nutrition matched every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $60,000. And you blew us past that goal!

Pet food is an animal shelter’s most significant expense. When we help cover the cost of meals, shelters can focus on essential treatments to prepare pets for adoption. 

Your donations help animals like Chief get a second chance at a healthy life. 

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Chief_002_©BerkeleyHumane copyPhoto © Berkeley Humane

But wait – we’re headed into overtime! You can still provide support for shelter pets at no cost. Sign onto our roster and generate a donation of additional food and products for these upcoming MVPs.

Meet Our Shelter Bowl Dogs

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Spiral_001_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_SourdoughSam_001_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Sourdough Sam
Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Snap_002_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Russell_008_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Purdy_002_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Pocket_003_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Lilac_001_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Jorge_002_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Chief_004_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

VS-Photograph_20240205_GGC-ShelterBowl_FeaturedPet_Blitz_003_©BerkeleyHumane copy

Photo © Berkley Humane

Pets end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Abandoned, lost, and hungry, they need nutritious meals and loving care. Shelter Bowl and generous donors like you give them a second chance.

It’s overtime! Help shelter pets with a single click.