Two Stories of Loss and Resilience in Ukraine

As the war rages on, Ukrainians grapple with financial hardship and emotional trauma.

Among those most affected are the residents of Kupiansk.

They lost everything. 

The 1,922 residents, including 286 children and 110 disabled persons, were forced to confront the realities of displacement and destruction. Among the children was young Dasha, who is emotionally scarred by the relentless shelling in her neighborhood.

Today, her family and community struggle to survive without food, clothes, and blankets.

VS-Photograph_20240116_DRI_Ukraine_UkraineAlive2022_001_BLURRED copyPhoto © United for Animals

The stories of individuals like elderly grandmother Marusia underscore the profound impact of the conflict on vulnerable populations. 

Marusia and her neighbors lost everything when a Russian missile reduced their homes to rubble. As the city echoed with the deafening roar of explosions at 3:00 AM., territorial defense soldiers rescued them just in time, ensuring their safe evacuation to a makeshift bomb shelter. 

They now live together in cramped conditions, but fortunately, they are alive.

VS-Photograph_20241212_DRI_Ukraine_UkraineAlive2022_001 (1) copyPhoto © Ukraine Alive 2022

Global support for Ukraine has waned, but the need is stronger than ever.

These brave people are surviving through unimaginable hardship, and people like Dasha and Marusia need your help to rebuild their lives. 

Your donations make Greater Good Charities' groundwork possible. Can we count on your support to provide necessities to people like Dasha and Marusia?