Dog Hit by Car Saved Thanks to Your Support


It was the end of August in Tennesse when a car hit Brownie. Instead of seeking medical attention right away, his owners at the time decided to wait out the situation to see if Brownie would recover. Upon realizing that he would not, they left him with Warren County Animal Control. At this time, Brownie was diagnosed with pelvic and tibial fractures and put on cage rest. 

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A Revealing Trip to the Vet

After arriving at the local SPCA, the staff quickly realized that Brownie was not walking correctly. He was not using his back left leg. Veterinarians ordered a set of X-rays, which showed that his previous fractures had healed, but significant arthritis and degenerative changes were present in the left knee. There was likely soft tissue injury as well as bone damage at the time of the car accident.

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Orthopedic specialists evaluated Brownie and determined that an arthrodesis could help save his leg. This procedure fuses the knee joint, ultimately stabilizing the knee and reducing pain.

Big Hearts Show up for Brownie

Brownie remembered a life without pain when he could run and play for hours. All he needed was good people like you to come through for him, and you did! You came through big time, fully funding Brownie’s surgery and medical treatments.

Getting Stronger

Brownie’s life has changed drastically for the better since his surgery. He walked right out of the vet hospital all on his own! The first two weeks of recovery were a bit challenging, though. Brownie was able to walk outside to go to the bathroom, but it was painful for him to position himself to go potty, so he ended up having a lot of accidents at first.

He was also quite clingy and in need of lots of comfort and attention. Of course, this is completely natural after such a good boy goes through such a traumatizing experience. The best news was—he was getting stronger and improving every day!

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Brownie headed to his FOREVER HOME!


A loving family adopted Brownie on February 6. In his new home, Brownie has four human siblings, one dog sibling, and a few chicken siblings! Brownie and his new sister, Coco, get along wonderfully and love playing together. They walk in sync with each other on leashes, love playing tug-of-war with their favorite sock, and, during the summer months, have been known to splish-splash in the pool together! Things are looking up for Brownie!


You can help animals like Brownie get the medical treatment they need to survive! 

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