How Your Donations Are Helping Haiti Earthquake Victims

Saturday, August 14 Haiti was rocked by a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake crumbled homes and businesses, killing over 1,400 people, and injuring nearly 6,000 more. To make matters even worse, the earthquake hit as the country was still reeling from a presidential assassination and increasing gang violence. And just days after the earthquake, Haiti was hit by Tropical Storm Grace. Those affected are cut off from reliable food, water, and power.

In the wake of this devastating earthquake, your donations have provided critical food and supplies to local families. With your donations, Greater Good Charities and the Institute Edeline in Croix de Bouquet were able to prepare and distribute meal packs for local affected families. School leaders prepared meal packs of essentials including sugar, detergent, soap, rice, condensed milk, spaghetti, oil, and beans.

Tons of local families lined up to receive the packs of critical meal supplies. One mother waiting in line shared her story:


Greater Good Charities has supported Institute Edeline for the last five years through scholarships. With our program Girls’ Voices, we’ve provided an egg a day per student in their daily school meals for the last three years. We’ve also assisted them in other disaster responses and the team actually prepared the meals in a school kitchen that we helped them build!

We're so thankful for the work done with Institute Edeline. And it couldn't happen without you! Your donations continue to provide disaster relief for Haiti earthquake victims.