Girls' Voices is Empowering Through Scholarships in Cameroon

Girls’ Voices supports young women to use media creation as a catalyst for positive change in communities around the world. Girls’ Voices provides targeted scholarship funding to support girls who face obstacles to their education. 

Girls are at risk of falling behind in school due to inadequate funds to pay for tuition and basic school necessities, especially during the times of Covid-19. It is important that they get the support they need in order to graduate because we know that each additional year of school can increase their wages by up to 25%. With the help of donors, a handful of Girls’ Voices participants in Cameroon were given the support they needed to remain in school. Their education for the 2020-21 academic year was fully funded.  

Lebsey participated in Girls’ Voices Movement last fall and was also the gender equality contest winner! With her award funds she was granted 3 years of covered medical school tuition and related expenses to graduate as a nurse by 2023! She is an amazing example of women empowerment in action as a result of the scholarships. She has since become an Alumni Ambassador and is guiding other students through Girls’ Voices Movement workshops.

HubSpot Video

Check out this video of Lebsey motivating students and teaching them about the power their voices hold. She discusses how she looks forward to every day to make sure gender equality is achieved and states how girls should constantly feel empowered to “go where they want to be”. 

Because of your generosity, Greater Good Charities, in partnership with the Positive Youth Development Organization, has given scholarships to secondary school students for consecutive years in Cameroon. For the 2020-21 academic year, 13 participants of the Girls’ Voices Movement were assisted through the scholarship project! Some families could not afford tuition for the secondary schools, so girls were about to drop out of class.

Attending school means they have to pay for tuition, essential learning supplies, school uniforms, meals, and transportation to and from school. A workshop in which girls, their families, and teaching staff learned about the Girls’ Voices program and its impacts was also conducted with the scholarship funds. With your donations that get turned into scholarships for school girls, students’ opportunities for the future and for life past graduation grow exceedingly. These are the long term effects as listed by Positive Youth Development:

  •  More than 98% graduation from secondary school is expected.
  • At least 99% of K12 participating students could pass the grade and register to university/college next year and start a future career learning path.
  • 100% of grade 6-11 participating students will pass the midterm official exams.
  • 0% school drop will be recorded among recipients

AnW6uBgASome of the scholarship recipients

Photo © Positive Youth Development Organization

Socio-economic barriers in their communities do not stop these young women from attending class and graduating because of the hope YOU have given them with your donations. Your contributions have been highly important for the future of these school girls. Thank you for empowering the youth to continue their education. Please watch this video to see how grateful the students are!


Help keep Lebsey and girls like her in school