Good Pack Distributions to the Homeless in LA: The First Step to a Future Home

Los Angeles has the second largest homeless population in the United States. On a given night there are over 9,100 men, women, and children experiencing homelessness in the LA Homeless Services Authoritys’ area of service.

The process of transitioning from homelessness to living in a permanent home is multi-layered and challenging, but we are lucky to have a partner such as LA Family Housing (LAFH); an organization whose mission is to help people transition out of homelessness and poverty through supportive services and housing efforts. Their stabilization teams make sure that previously homeless individuals and families living in homes remain stable and successful in their new environment. 

That’s why Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs program partnered with LAFH to host a Good Packs and Pet Packs distribution event at the Sportsman's Lodge, a Project Roomkey site in Studio City. A Project Roomkey site is the State of California’s COVID-19 emergency response effort to convert motels into emergency shelters. 

At this event, 300 people and 100 pets received Good Packs and Pet Packs! Our Good Packs are sealed backpacks containing essential hygiene and clothing items, while Pet Packs are packing cubes full of dog food and accessories. Receiving necessary items is very beneficial for enduring day-to-day life, and pets receiving supplemental Pup Pouches bring their owners joy as well. When people are unsure about what lies ahead, their pets provide them with a sense of comfort and companionship. 

Charlie-LAFHCharlie and Cooper 

Photo © LA Family Housing 


Charlie and his dog Cooper were provided with a Good Pack and Pup Pouches when they moved into one of LA Family Housing’s Project Roomkey sites. As soon as they received the packs, LAFH team members could see Charlie and Cooper’s excitement. From that point, the staff at LAFH connected and worked with Charlie to provide him with financial, mental health, and immediate medical support. LAFH also found Charlie a permanent home that was large enough for both him and Cooper.  

Good Packs distribution events create a trustworthy relationship between LAFH staff and those experiencing homelessness so that LAFH can better help those in need. Street-based outreach is one of LAFH’s main tactics to assist unsheltered individuals to transition into moving into homes. Linda and her dog Bella are LAFH participants who were found on the street by a LAFH staff member. 



Linda and pets 

Photo © LA Family Housing

After being honorably discharged from the Navy and escaping an abusive relationship, Linda fell into homelessness. A member of LAFH’s outreach team provided Linda and her pup with a Good Pack and Pup Pouch after seeing them on the street. The pair now live in LAFH-operated interim housing to prepare them to move into permanent housing once Linda’s life is more stable. 

Your contributions to our Good Packs Program are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Together, in partnership with LA Family Housing, we are giving people experiencing homelessness a glimpse of hope by providing them with necessary supplies while they look for longer-term housing solutions. 

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