Honor Those Who’ve Fallen By Helping Those Who Served

Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs program provides essential supplies to homeless people, including veterans and victims of domestic violence. Each Good Pack is a self-support kit containing basic survival supplies for homeless—or imminently homeless—people and their pets.

This Memorial Day, remember those who have fallen by helping those who have served. Help us meet our goal of $25,000 to provide an emergency distribution of Good Packs and Pup Pouches to unhoused Americans in the state of Hawaii, including veterans, children, and families in need.

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According to the government of Hawaii, nearly 240,000 jobs in the state rely on the tourism industry. The coronavirus pandemic upended the hospitality industry, and as a result, Hawaii saw the largest increase in unemployment out of any U.S. state between 2019 and 2020, with a corresponding increase in homelessness. With every branch of the armed services stationed in the state, nearly 25% of those experiencing homelessness are veterans who fought for our country. More and more Americans, many of them veterans, and many of them caring for comfort or service animals, are facing the heartbreaking reality of homelessness—one they’ve never experienced before and couldn’t have seen coming.

That’s why this Memorial Day we are urgently working to get Good Packs into the hands of unsheltered Hawaiians and their pets – and we need your help!

Good Packs and Pup Pouches contain survival and comfort essentials for unhoused people and their pets. They contain clothing, hygiene items, food, pet food, treats, toys, bowls, and so much more. And YOU can ship a Good Pack and Pup Pouch filled with essentials to help an unhoused person and their pet in Hawaii for just $50.

Help us meet our goal of $25,000 and give back to those who have bravely served our nation. 

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