How Our Feed Thy Neighbors Campaign Fed Utah Families for 2 Weeks

You may have heard of our 2020 winter campaign, Feed Thy Neighbor (FTN)--especially because Chris Pratt hosted it with us and 12 Tomatoes! This campaign to support hunger relief provided 4,628,822 meals across the U.S. and Puerto Rico as a result of grants given to food banks across the countries. One organization that was helped through FTN was Utah Food Bank, a Salt Lake City-based organization dedicated to serving Utahns in need. 

Thanks to donor support throughout the Feed Thy Neighbor campaign, Utah Food Bank was able to assist 2,465 people with their grant from Greater Good Charities and its FTN partners! Utah residents facing hunger received free meals for two weeks-- that was 636,240 pounds of food. The gift of food is so precious for individuals and families struggling to put food on their tables, among other hardships. 

Lily, a recipient of Utah Food Bank’s services, enthuses at the idea of them: “This is a huge help – this food has blessed the lives of so many. I am so glad that none of this produce is going to waste – we even freeze some of the food, or can it, so that we can make it last even longer. If I had a million dollars I would make sure this program always continues. Thank you so much – please keep it up”. The food bank’s Mobile Pantry was one of the only places she would go to during the pandemic. 


Recipients of Utah Food Bank’s services

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Jalene, a mother of two, has had trouble buying groceries every week for her family. She considers the food bank a blessing to her family and neighbors because it has encouraged healthier eating and it has allowed her to budget her money to pay her bills. Jalene and her son have even volunteered for the food bank’s Mobile Pantry because of their admiration for it.


Finding food should be the least of people’s worries; yet hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry every night. With your help, food banks like Utah Food Bank can continue to serve those in need in their respective communities. Thank YOU for feeding your neighbors!