Jonathon's Journey: How Your Generosity Transformed an abandoned Cat's Life

Meet Jonathon, a sweet five-year-old cat who has faced adversity with unwavering resilience. 
Abandoned and injured after being hit by a car, Jonathon suffered profound injuries. Untreated wounds resulted in blindness, while damage to his jaw made basic tasks like eating and grooming painful and difficult.
The road to recovery seemed daunting, but it was not without hope.
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On the Road to Recovery

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Thanks to generous donations, Jonathan received the medical care he desperately needed.

He had two successful surgeries, the first to have his eyes removed and the second to remove his remaining teeth that were preventing him from eating and grooming.

He has recovered successfully and is finally out of pain. His doctors evaluated him and gave him the all-clear for adoption preparation. 

Living Cage Free and Happy

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Due to years spent blind in a cage, the shelter staff is now working with him on being blind in open spaces. He doesn't a sense smell, so he's learning to find his food and litter box by location and touch.

He's a highly affectionate cat who loves being held and given cuddles and attention. While he can't get up on the couch on his own, he enjoys curling up on the sofa when someone puts him there.

After more training to find his litter box and food, he'll be available for adoption on Petfinder.


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Jonathon's journey exemplifies how you are a lifeline for animals in need when you donate to provide medical care through Greater Good Charities.

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