And the Girls’ Voices Academy Award Goes to…

… Every single Girls’ Voices participant!

This year, we were disappointed by the lack of women nominees in important categories, like Best Director. As award season comes to a close, we’d like to recognize the women who have changed the film industry and the women who are yet to be a part of it.

Filmmakers like Greta Gerwig, Lulu Wang, and Olivia Wilde have been telling stories about young women that society needs to hear—from mother-daughter relationships, grieving a loved one’s death, or finding the courage to be yourself. Representation is important not only in front of the camera, but behind it, with women directors, writers, and crew. Only five women in the history of the Oscars have ever been nominated for Best Director, and that’s not for lack of powerful woman-made films. We need to celebrate women’s achievements, their perspectives, and their voices.

Snubbed by the Academy or not, these stories are important for an audience of young girls who have long been told by society they can’t … because they can and they will.

Just ask these Girls’ Voices alumni! Through our program, these girls have learned that their voices are important and that their stories matter. Every girl has a unique story to tell, one that can inspire millions of others. When we amplify their voices and dispel harmful stereotypes, we can create a more just world where every girl has the opportunity to follow her dreams. These girls have big dreams, in filmmaking and beyond. Hear it from their voices:

Ashley captures the joy of making films and her dream of being a director in her video, weaving together how close friendships have helped fuel her creativity.


Wanda describes the winding path that led her to her true passion. “I came across many stones in my path but I’ve finally arrived to audiovisual arts. I understand that there’s so much to learn ahead, but if you live every day doing what you love, it is unique,” she said.


Karol uses her film skills to share what it means to be a girl in Honduras. She knows that society has imposed a lot of rules on women and she’s ready to break them!


Lilas knows that anything can be art. She explores all the ways art can be expressed in her video and talks about its impact on her culture.

Maria dreams of a career in film. For her Girls’ Voices project, she told the stories of important women in her life. She asks them about their experience with education, the barriers they face, and what education means to them.


When you donate to Girls’ Voices, you’re supporting girls achieve their dreams, whether that’s to be the next big Hollywood director, actor, or producer, or to start her own business, become a teacher, or simply to finish high school. Your donation will inspire the next generation.