Disaster Cache: Means of Restoration

The unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 and natural disasters like Hurricane Ida and wildfires continue for people and pets, months and years later.

That’s why the Greater Good Charities Disaster Response team assists animal welfare organizations as far north in Alaska all the way south to the Florida panhandle. We do this with disaster caches!

Greater Good Charities approaches disaster response holistically - from preparation to response to recovery. Disaster caches are strategically located caches of vital supplies in regions that are disaster-prone, such as California due to the annual fires and other parts of the country for hurricane season. This way our partners on the ground in these areas will readily have animal care and other supplies available to help in disaster response.

Unfortunately, 2021 was quite the year for natural disasters. Here are four stories of how disaster cache grants helped life-saving organizations like Alaska Native Rural Veterinary, Central California Animal Disaster Team, Acadiana Animal Aid, and The Inner Pup make a difference for their harrowing communities.

Meeting some new people and pets in the community

Last year Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, became the second-most damaging hurricane in the state of Louisiana’s history. Animals were left abandoned, which created a desperate need for pet food and water at shelters. Pet owners left homeless also faced challenges of their own. After addressing the need for shelter and food, regaining a sense of comfort probably felt like an impossible task after the hurricane. Donations to our disaster cache allowed us to partner with The Inner Pup to provide toys and treats! For some, these items are the only treasures they will receive for a long time.


Fortunately for Acadiana Animal Aid, an incredible organization dedicated to life-saving work in Louisiana, they were spared by the destruction of Hurricane Ida. They acted as a transportation HUB for other shelters that were not as lucky. Pet transportation typically can be the largest expense during a crisis – due to varying transport costs, animal care supplies, and sporadic medical needs. But thankfully, your donations provided AAA a grant that covered the unbudgeted expenses and supplies needed to care for and transport 203 dogs and cats!

Transporting pets out of disaster zones is crucial but also costly.

Amid Hurricane Ida, the destruction of COVID-19 still inevitably took its toll. Alaska Native Rural Veterinary, Inc. team was falling behind on their work in the rural areas due to fear of exposure. With the help of our disaster cache grant, Alaska Native Rural Veterinary, Inc. received the equipment they need to continue to stay safe when traveling to rural areas and work confidently!


Winter time in rural Alaska makes it especially hard to get supplies.

In addition to COVID-19 and Hurricane Ida, this year we also responded to multiple wildfires. We worked with Central California Animal Disaster Team to respond to three wildfires – River Fire, Windy Fire, and the French Fire. The disaster cache of in-kind donations was distributed to four surrounding counties. A major portion of the enrichment products were placed in these emergency to-go bags and given to those who evacuated. Pet owners were given dog collars and leashes, food bowls, and even pet toys and treats. CCADT wishes to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Greater Good Charities and their donors! The generous donation of disaster relief funding will go towards providing aid and comfort to ALL family members!


 Emergency to-go bags for pets and people

Greater Good Charities is comprised of many impactful programs that continuously amplify the good. We know that, albeit challenging and overwhelming, natural catastrophes will inevitably continue to occur, with trails of destruction to restore. Disaster cache from Greater Good Charities aids that restoration – saving animals and people in need, whether during a hurricane, a wildfire, or a worldwide pandemic.