Girls’ Voices Movement: Summer Cohort Success

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and social justice grows restless, we commissioned a new summer cohort on Girl’s Voices Movement, our online platform created specifically to provide girls with a space to express themselves, create video and photography projects, and engage in a global community.

map of 10 countries submissions came from

Our Summer Cohort just wrapped up with over 100 final project submissions from girls across 10 countries! These countries were Afghanistan, the U.S., Brazil, Honduras, Cameroon, India, Argentina, Kosovo, Morocco, and Nigeria.

The themes of this cohort focused on how young women are transforming their lives in response to the current state of the world. Others took a deeper dive into gender and equality on the basis of race. 

With our online platform rooted in community building and engagement, girls had the opportunity to connect with others all around the world. They learned from and supported each other’s work within the platform. They also attended weekly webinars where GV Alumni, like Priya in India, Maria Luiza in Brazil, and Astrid in Honduras, returned as Spotlights for the global community. These alums shared their insight and skills for how to embrace the creative process. This also provided a space where girls could explore new concepts, develop perspectives, and have a chance to interact face-to-face.


The Summer 2020 Cohort has done an exceptional job of bringing stories to life through videography. Their ability to use the tools provided through the online course and create something so inspired is a testament to their hard-working nature.

Highlighted below are just a few of the amazing submissions we received highlighting girls’ strength and resilience during these uncharted times!

Lebsey in Cameroon – Transformation & Women’s Equality

“We need a way forward. Sustainable solutions that will tackle the mindsets of boys and girls and eradicate remnants of these cultures…We also need long term measures that ensure women and girls’ participation and leadership, which is key to leveraging their skills and knowledge ”

Tallita in Brazil – Racial Equality

“To me I feel that I struggle more than I should because of my skin color because my skin is the thing that most weaponizes me, is used against me and marginalizes me. I understand that being black, Latina, and a woman fills me with so many labels, but it doesn’t define me because I know that the ones who created these stereotypes didn’t even see me as a human being at first.”

Priya in India – Transformation

“Which one will you choose? Pad or cloth?”

Featured above are just three of the incredible videos produced by Girls’ Voices Movement participants. To continue being blown away by their creativity and powerful voices, view the full playlist here!