Greater Good Charities Providing Meals to Unhoused Veterans

In America, one in three unhoused people is a U.S. military veteran (United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.) Hunger often precedes homelessness because people who are forced to decide between paying for housing or groceries will, more often than not, choose the former (Move For Hunger.)

Greater Good Charities and our supporters are making a difference for unhoused veterans by providing the basic necessity of food. One of the ways we are able to do this is through partnerships with organizations like Feed Our Veterans. 

Feed Our Veterans (FOV), a New York-based nonprofit organization, provides food assistance to veterans and their families monthly. Each month, FOV feeds about 275 veterans and their families by supplying them with a week’s worth of free groceries from community food pantries. If veterans need additional support, Feed Our Vets provides emergency groceries as well.

With the support of donors like you, GGC granted Feed Our Veterans with funds for their Meals for Homeless Veterans Campaign! Your donations have made it possible for FOV to purchase food products through the Central NY Food Bank so that veterans and their families have one less problem to worry about. 

Below are stories about the backgrounds of a couple veterans served by Feed Our Veterans:


Photo © Feed Our Veterans


“This family has a disabled Veteran and spouse. They don't qualify for SNAP by a very small margin. He can not work and his wife is his sole caregiver, so paychecks are out of the question. They find it hard to make ends meet at the end of the month. Without your support, and people like you, they would have to choose between food or heat. They use our services monthly and receive at least a week's worth of free food. They sometimes babysit for their three grandchildren which tends to put a stain, as well, on their food budget. However, the visits from the grandchildren do help with the depression and PTSD that he is struggling with. Food insecurity is a major problem with them and so many of their fellow veteran families. He is still fighting with the VA for the benefits he deserves.”

*SNAP= Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program



Photo © Feed Our Veterans 


“This veteran is the sole caregiver to his wife who has had a stroke. Prior to her illness, he did part time work to help supplement their income. He had to ‘retire’ from that to help his wife. He does have a daughter but she is mentally challenged and living in a group home. With money being tight, he is so appreciative of the free food he receives from Feed Our Vets. We are also able to provide him and his wife nutritional meals that require little to no preparation. We were also able to provide them with a microwave and toaster oven to help with the cooking of prepared meals. This picture was captured on one of the few times he can shop for him and his wife. It is a rare occasion to see him, mostly he tries to find someone to come for him because he doesn't want to leave his wife and he has no luck finding someone to stay with her. We are able to provide them with meat, milk, cheese, bread, vegetables, eggs, yogurt and other dairy products. He, like so many veterans, doesn't really care to share their story. However, he felt if he could help to spread awareness of veteran hunger, he wanted in!”


The gift of food is something many fortunate people take for granted. All too often, choosing a roof over their heads means forgoing meals and going hungry. Giving back to veterans in need through GGC and Feed Our Vets is extremely appreciated. Thank you for your continued support to feed  hungry families in America.