YOU Helped Fly Breast Cancer Patients to Get Life-Saving Treatment


By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

This year and Angel Flights West partnered up to fly patients, young and old, to critical and life-saving surgeries, chemotherapy, and other medical treatment. Often, this includes flying families to be by the side of a loved one who is undergoing treatment. Our Pink Ribbon Flights of Hope project launched during October, focused on breast cancer awareness, in hopes of giving 10 women life-saving flights to the breast cancer treatment they desperately need.

Together we were able to surmount our goal and support 17 unduplicated breast cancer patients on 105 flights in five months​!

The hard truth is that many in need of aggressive, life-saving treatments are unable to access that essential care. If a medical specialist is not available in their city, many patients go without the care that could be the difference between life and death.

Ann is one of these resilient women, battling stage IV breast cancer and was initially driving over 500 miles to receive the treatment she needed.

Ann Quote:

“If not for Angel Flight, I wouldn’t be alive today. What you guys have given me is a new opportunity at life, and there is no reason everyone else shouldn’t know about it. I was told about Angel Flight by a volunteer at my hospital. We need every volunteer and every hospital talking about your services so more people like me can be helped.”

 Thanks to YOUR support, we are There When It Matters™ for people, pets and the planet, and we are here to stay!