Home at Last, a 200 Elephant Rescue and Retirement Mission!


Fah Mui was born in southern Thailand. Now in her 70’s, most of her life has been spent in logging activity. Her prior owner who used her exclusively for logging died 20 years ago. His wife sold Fah Mui to her last owner who used her for both tourist riding and logging. If there were no tourists, she went to pull logs. Her health has been up and down lately mostly due to old age and overwork. She can’t do much anymore as her ankles do not support her well to pull heavy loads. The owner wanted her to go to a better place, and rest. They contacted Elephant Nature Park to rescue and bring her home.

It’s a similar story for a lot of elephants in Thailand. So many work their entire life in logging and other hard labor jobs. In between logging, people use them for tourist rides. Elephants are not born to work like this, but they are beaten into submission and live their lives in fear.

As part of our wildly successful Love and Bananas campaign, we just embarked on another rescue mission. This time to raise funds to rescue 200 elephants one at a time, as they are released. They are all in the same situation as Fah Mui. The mission includes the purchase of land for all 200 to live. Each elephant requires around ten shared acres equalling about a 2000 acre paradise where they will live out their lives.

Beginning with Fah Mui, you can help change the lives of these magnificent creatures. Help us get all 200 to retirement in paradise. As you can see, Fah Mui is happy to be on the truck headed for home. She appears to be waving goodbye to her former life.

Fah Mui arrived at the park safely after her 30-hour journey. After being introduced to her new home, she met a few new friends. She was allowed to walk freely. Of course, she walked straight to the river. Welcome home, Fah Mui. You can start your new day at Elephant Nature Park with freedom!


Please share the story of Fah Mui and the link below. Together we can complete this lofty mission!

You can save the other 199 beautiful, deserving elephants waiting for rescue by clicking here.