Hope for Tasmanian Devils


Not all devils have horns. Some are actually straight-up adorable. We’re talking about the Tasmanian devils, of course!

Look at that snout!

Unfortunately, they are facing the dangers of extinction. But with your help, there is hope yet for these iconic marsupials to survive and thrive.

Ever since the introduction of dingoes in Australia thousands of years ago, Tasmanian devils have had a rough time trying to survive as a species. Once found throughout Australia, Tasmanian devils now also face another threat from the highly contagious devil facial tumor disease (DFTD).

Dedicated to the conservation of species just like the Tasmanian devil that are identified as in peril, endangered, or close to extinction throughout the world, Greater Good Charities’ Project Peril partners with organizations like Aussie Ark, who conducts the largest conservation breeding program for the Tasmanian devil on mainland Australia.

Aussie Ark (initially named Devil Ark), is perched high in the hills of the Barrington Tops in New South Wales.  At an altitude of 1,350 meters, it provides the perfect breeding conditions and environment for these little devils. This past Australian winter, which is also peak breeding season, 36 Tasmanian devil joeys were sighted and confirmed enjoying the warm comfort of their mama’s pouches. 

Because of Project Peril donors, Greater Good Charities was able to award a grant to Aussie Ark so that they can continue the impactful work they are doing to save Tasmanian devils.

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Supporting Project Peril gives hope for endangered wildlife like Tasmanian devils.