How You’re Keeping Families With Pets Complete


The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented number of people to lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet. Many have pets who are part of the family and continue to need care. When emergencies arise, a tight budget shouldn’t mean a beloved pet faces euthanization, simply because her parents can’t afford treatment. Families with pets shouldn’t face this traumatic separation.

Your donations have been instrumental in ensuring that pets across the country get the care they need during this difficult time, despite the financial limits of their owners. For example, GreaterGood grants to the Humane Society of Tulsa, Oklahoma, saved two beloved pets named Easton and Bone.

Easton’s Unfortunate Meal

Easton’s owner called the humane society when he stopped eating and started throwing up. She was beside herself with worry—she’d saved him from the Tulsa floods and couldn’t lose him now.

easton after surgery families with pets

Easton was throwing up hair bands. It turned out he’d eaten so many of these elastic treats that they’d formed a blockage. He needed surgery to remove them, and soon. Easton’s owner didn’t have the funds for this pricey procedure, but thanks to a gracious vet and a GreaterGood grant, the surgery went well. Easton is recovering beautifully!

Bone’s Emergency Care

Bone’s owner Jackie called the humane society one morning saying her dog was having multiple seizures back to back. She’d lost her job due to the pandemic and couldn’t afford a vet visit. Even if she could, Bone couldn’t afford the week-long wait to get into their regular vet.

The humane society’s partner veterinary clinic was able to get Bone in that same day, and your donations provided him with anti-seizure medication. The seizures caused some muscle damage that has Bone limping slightly, but Jackie reports that this is improving every day. Bone’s fur sibling is thrilled to have him back!

bone and his fur sibling families with pets
Bone and his happy fur sibling

Thank you for helping pets get the care they need during this difficult time!