New Wildlife Sanctuary Brings Hope for Endangered Tasmanian Devils!


More good news for the Tasmanian Devil and we have YOU to thank!

On November 9, 2017, 20 Tasmanian devils were released into a new semi-wild sanctuary in southeastern Australia. The release marks the grand opening of Aussie Ark, an extension of Devil Ark conservation facility. This new facility will protect 2,000 hectares and provide homes to more than 1,000 endangered Australian mammals. This is extremely important for the survival of Tasmanian Devils, as more than 90% of wild Tasmanian devils have died since 1996 from a contagious cancer.

Photo courtesy of Aussie Ark

Over the past year, YOU have supported Tasmanian Devil rescue, rehabilitation, and release. Through our partnership with Global Wildlife Conservation, which supports Aussie Ark and Devil Ark, we are making progress in rebuilding the Tasmanian Devil population!


Your donation to Project Peril ensures Tasmanian Devils and other Australian mammals have a future.