As Seen on CNN: Greater Good Charities Doing Good for the Bees

We are un-BEE-lievably thankful to CNN for highlighting our ongoing work to feed the hundreds of honeybee colonies devastated by Hurricane Ian!


When Hurricane Ian struck Florida in September of 2022, it left an ecological disaster in its wake. Not only did the damage decimate homes, communities, and businesses, but it also wreaked havoc on our nation's food supply.  One out of every three bites of food in the United States depends on honeybees and other pollinators.  (USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service). 

The massive storm wiped out much of the natural forage used to feed pollinators, leaving the bee populations who did survive at risk of starving. The loss of these countless bee colonies could permanently damage our country's food supply.

That’s why Greater Good Charities quickly began working with Cargill, Mann Lake  and the Florida State Beekeepers Association to rush emergency supplies of syrup and pollen substitute directly to Florida! Thanks to our amazing community of supporters, we were able to send more than 500,000 pounds of syrup and over 117,000 pounds of pollen substitute!

While this will make a huge impact in the fight to save these starving bees, they still need your help. You can BEE a hero for honeybees! For just $15, you can feed a hive full of honeybees for two months! How sweet is that!?

 Save Starving Bees!