Fifth Annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week a Huge Success

Thanks to YOU, our fifth annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week was a huge success! Together we raised $174,285.31 - which represents 3,485,706 meals for rescue pets.

From July 26th - August 1st, we called on you to help us raise enough funding to donate 3 million meals to rescue pets across the country. In just one week, your donations totaled over 3.4 million meals to be donated to rescue pets in need through our Rescue Bank program*! So many pets will benefit from your efforts -- Pets like Tuck!

Tuck was found abandoned in Kentucky. When he entered his foster home, he was underweight, very timid, and in pain with scabs and mange. Little Tuck proved to be a tough fighter who refused to be knocked down despite his little body failing him.



Tuck has transformed into an incredibly playful, spirited, happy, loving dog thanks to nutritious food donations from our Rescue Bank program. He’s living his happily ever after in a village of care and support. Plus, with the help from Rescue Bank, his shelter is able to budget their money for special needs animals and feed the pets in their shelter without a worry

Thanks to YOU, our fifth annual National Feed a Rescue Pet Week sent over 3.4 million meals to shelters and rescue organizations! Thank you so much for making it a success. We cannot wait to see what we will accomplish together next year!


*Rescue Bank is now the Greater Good Charities GOODS program!