Working in Way Kambas National Park to Save Species

Earth Day gives people the chance to reflect on how every decision we make can have adverse consequences on our planet. We, as a society, need to be aware of the impact humanity has on the world around us. We need to make a cautious effort to keep our environment as happy and healthy as possible.

The key focus for Earth Day 2021 is the restoration of this beautiful planet we call home. The primary emphasis is on ways and actions that will restore and rebuild the natural processes that keep Earth's diverse ecosystems alive. A great way to rebuild our ecosystems is through replanting trees. Project Peril, a Greater Good Charities signature program, helps protect and restore species’ natural habitats through land protection and reforestation. Trees are pertinent for the environment because they improve air quality, provide the oxygen all living things rely on and provide food for many different species.

Supporters like you allowed Greater Good Charities to grant our partners at International Rhino Foundation the funds needed to help rebuild their rainforest. Way Kambas National Park in Indonesia is being depleted by illegal logging, farming, and hunting. One-third of the park’s rainforest habitat has been destroyed, and that number will keep growing without your support. Way Kambas is one of the most biodiverse and threatened ecosystems in the world, home to one of the most endangered mammal species, the Sumatran Rhino, as well as many other amazing animals. The Sumatran Rhino needs our protection, as they are one of only two rhino species large enough to reproduce and thrive in the wild. The Sumatran Rhino also relies heavily on a large rainforest to roam and graze. Without this, they will not survive.

Photo © International Rhino Foundation

Project Peril and the International Rhino Foundation came together and launched a tree-planting project. International Rhino Foundation contracted local farmers to grow the seedlings, which were then planted by local persons with disabilities. These individuals also continue to work to trim invasive species in the area and maintain all the new growth by hand.  Your generous donations allowed Project Peril and International Rhino Foundation to plant twice as many seedlings in Way Kambas—more than 32,000!

By restoring Way Kambas National Park’s rainforest, we are giving life to the many species that call it home. But there is still more to do, as this area is also under constant threat for its resources. You can help us protect one of the most endangered species in the world.

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