Long After Hurricane, Greater Good Charities Continues Helping Puerto Rico Pets


Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico two years ago, Greate Good Charities has ensured shelters around the island are able to pick themselves back up and continue serving countless homeless pets.

Luckily Greater Good Charities' Rescue Bank* is helping places like Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue (OBFCR) thrive after the storm.

Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue is a small organization dedicated to providing free spay/neuter services. In fact, the organization was among the first in Puerto Rico to offer these services free of charge. Thanks to your donations, the organization now offers free pet food as well making it easier for residents to care for a pet.

Because most of the residents they serve live well below the poverty line the organization says that basic pet care is not prioritized or completely ignored, due to financial struggles. This is why the team also runs a community outreach program to educate residents on basic pet care.

In the years since the hurricane, the organization has been able to sterilize over 1500 animals and helped hundreds of families keep their pets safe and healthy.

Photos courtesy of Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue.