Improving the Lives of Shelter Pets in Louisiana with Rescue Rebuild



2022 was quite the year for Greater Good Charities and Acadiana Animal Aid played a spectacular role in that! Acadiana Animal Aid is a fantastic no-kill animal shelter in Louisiana which provides lifesaving programs in their community that save 2,000 cats and dogs each year! This magnificent work is why our Rescue Rebuild team was thrilled to have the opportunity to not only enhance the lives of the shelter animals that pass through here but will also aid the shelter staff in their miraculous 

In three phase visits, 34 working days, and 864 tiles later – the Rescue Rebuild team renovated the dog kennels, 6 large cat rooms, 4 outdoor catios, the lobby, and made updates to all the signage on the property. All projects required a bit of demo, so we could make room for new enrichment, new flooring, and new paint. We even spent an entire day just digging holes for the new signs and dumpster enclosure!

aaa collage


The Cat Wing renovations arguably consisted of the most complex of projects. After we finished the demo work, we had the help of nearly 54 volunteers who spray painted and stained the wood for our cat cubbies, litter box hiders, and shelves for all 6 cat rooms

Meanwhile, a couple of our team members welded together the new outdoor catios that would replace the jail-type fencing that was originally there and laid new tile throughout the entire hallway connecting the rooms.

Catio before and after

These completed indoor & outdoor spaces for the cats now provide privacy, comfortable sleeping areas, and climbing cubbies for Acadiana’s adventurous cats. We even added bird feeders in front of the outdoor catios for additional enrichment.

We didn’t forget about the dogs! The dog kennel wing was finished during the second and last phases. Kennel life can take a hard toll on dogs, specifically due to the lack of privacy and comfort. Our new kennel installation included clear Lexan and a covered wall on 22 kennels that will give the dogs a choice to hide if they want. We also provided them with this option in their outdoor play yards by inserting privacy slats. The dogs will be able to decompress this way, as overstimulation can be unhealthy for shelter animals.

Kennels before and after

The bulk of our work took place in the dog and cat wings, but we also spent a great amount of time updating signage to the property. Before, the signs were unappealing and not clear in directing visitors to the shelter. We fixed that by building two new signs located on the main roads, revamping the entryway, and providing directive locations on the dumpster enclosure – Making it effortless and intriguing for potential adopters!

aaa signage

New and improved signage!

These renovations will certainly change the trajectory of these animals’ lives. Their behaviors will improve due to this higher quality of life in the shelter, simultaneously developing better habits and increasing adoption rates. Even the staff will have a refurbished working environment.


YOU can help Rescue Rebuild transform shelters across the country to give shelter pets a better life!