Unleashing Hope: Polly Pocket’s Remarkable Rescue

Polly Pocket’s story is one that restores faith in humanity and shows the power of the Greater Good Charities community in action.

VS-Photograph_20231206_GFL_LA-PNW_Loading_003_©IbervilleParishAnimalShelter copyPhoto © Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

This sweet eight-month-old labrador mix endured unimaginable suffering and neglect. Still, thanks to your unwavering support, she is now thriving in a loving foster home and blossoming into the playful pup she was always meant to be.

Collar of Cruelty

Even at only eight months old, Polly Pocket had endured so much.  

When she was a tiny pup, someone put a collar on her and never took it off. As she grew, the collar began digging deep into her neck, becoming embedded and leaving strangling scar tissue. Left alone, she would not have survived, as the swelling from her head and neck made it hard for her to breathe.

VS-Photograph_20231205_GFL_LA-PNW_FeaturedPet_002_©IbervilleParishAnimalShelter copyPhoto © Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

A Community Rallies

Thankfully, our incredible community of animal lovers stepped in and changed Polly’s story.

Donations flooded in, and our Emergency Animal Medical Program provided the support needed for Polly’s shelter to perform two life-saving surgeries. The first gently removed the collar, while the second addressed the debilitating scar tissue that was strangling her.

VS-Photograph_20231205_GFL_LA-PNW_FeaturedPet_001_©IbervilleParishAnimalShelter copyPhoto © Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

Polly’s Second Chance

Polly's remarkable recovery is a testament to the power of second chances.

After her surgeries, she traveled on a Good Flight to Idaho, where dedicated volunteers at Lake Lowell Animal Rescue welcomed her with open arms. Today, she is recovering in a loving foster home, healing physically and emotionally. Polly loves to cuddle on the couch and play with her adorable cat foster brother. 

VS-Photograph_20231206_GFL_LA-PNW_Loading_001_©IbervilleParishAnimalShelter copyPhoto © Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

Once she is fully healed, she can find her forever home.

Polly's journey is an amazing example of how supporters like you save animal lives every day by donating to provide medical care, critical transport, and so much more through Greater Good Charities.

Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to creating a world where all animals are treated with kindness and compassion.

Together, we can rewrite the story for animals like Polly.