Best Valentine’s Day Ever: Our Journey from Louisiana to New Jersey

Greater Good Charities Embarked on a Special Valentine’s Day Good Flight to Transport Shelter Pets to Loving Homes

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Photo © Greater Good Charities

This Valentine’s Day, our Good Flights team embarked on a special flight to bring more than 80 at-risk shelter dogs and cats out of crowded shelters in Louisiana to find new homes on the East Coast.

When we transport shelter pets, we give these dogs and cats a chance for a better life and open more room for other pets to be rescued. Each pet transported saves two lives.

The Journey Begins

In the early morning hours, dozens of volunteers went to the shelter in Louisiana to prepare the pets for transport. After more than 200 transports, our volunteers are experienced and efficient. The pets are loaded into crates, noted on a tracking sheet to ensure they are accounted for, and cross-referenced with their receiving shelters.

After everyone is stowed away safely, the plane is up and on its way to new homes.

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Photo © Jefferson Protection and Animal Welfare Services (JPAWS)
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Photo © Jefferson Protection and Animal Welfare Services (JPAWS)
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Photo © Greater Good Charities
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Photo © Greater Good Charities
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Photo © Greater Good Charities

Upon arrival, another group of seasoned volunteers unloads the pets. Even with more than 80 shelter dogs and cats on the plane, the unloading time is fast — less than 20 minutes. Each pet is sent to their assigned receiving shelter, where they are greeted with smiles and open arms. After arrival, they are bathed, evaluated, given any medical care needed, and placed for adoption as soon as they are ready.

Most of our transported pets are adopted within days.

Meet Lovely Loudin

VS-Photograph_20240205_GFL_LA-NJ_FeaturedPet_Loudin_003_©GGC copyPhoto © Greater Good Charities

Loudin is one of the many pups on this Valentine’s Day flight.  

Loudin was selected for transport but was not initially cleared because she tested positive for heartworm. Thankfully, she is an asymptomatic heartworm-positive dog so she will complete her treatment with one of our shelter partners on the East Coast. 

A two-year-old Terrier mix who is incredibly sweet, Loudin loves playing, cuddling, and getting treats. Without Good Flights, Loudin and many shelter pets like her would not have a chance to show their new families all the love and joy they have to give.

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