Why Your Ideal Dog Might be a Cat

AdobeStock_269478900So, you are thinking about getting a dog? That’s great! Dogs are loving, loyal, fun besties that will undoubtedly change your life for the better. 

But….so are cats! In fact, if you are thinking about the attributes you are looking for in your ideal dog. You may want to consider checking out your local shelter where you can find a variety of fantastic cats who might just check all the boxes for your perfect pet. 

Here are just a few typical dog activities that, believe us, cats can do just as well!  

Cats Like to Go on Adventures, Too  

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There is no denying that many dogs always seem up for adventures, but plenty of cats can be an adventure cat, too! Have you ever seen a cat on a leash, in a stroller, or in a special cat backpack? There are lots of ways you can bring your favorite feline along wherever you go. With the right personality and training, your cat can be your plus one in plenty of situations.   

Cats Are Good Sleep Companions  

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Who needs a white noise machine? There is really something soothing about a purring cat snuggled up to your chest or sleeping on your head. One bonus of sleeping with cats? They (usually) don’t steal the blankets!  

Cats Come When We Call Them 

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Cats are smart little creatures, and they know who fills the dinner bowl. In a safe and comfortable environment, cats will be just as happy to run to greet you when you get home after a long day or even just want some companionship.   

Cats Entertain Us 

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No one is funnier than a cat. And yet, somehow, they come off as not seeming to be trying to be funny. There is a reason cat videos rack up millions of views. Cats. Are. Funny.  

Cats Are Loyal and Protective of Their Humans 

Cats do choose their people. And being chosen provides a lot of pride and bragging rights. And cats can be fiercely protective of the ones they love. They have been known to jump in between their humans and wild animals, chase strangers off the porch, and hiss at anyone trying to steal their spot on your lap.  

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Cats come with so many personalities, temperaments, sizes, and shapes so take a minute to reconsider that dog you think you want. You might be surprised that everything you are looking for in a pet might just come with a “meow” instead of a “woof!”