Winter Storms Update: Good Flights Stays Wheels Up

As winter storms rage across the country, Good Flights faces an increasingly formidable challenge – rescuing pets from overcrowded shelters amidst plummeting temperatures and dangerous conditions. Below, our Vice President of Pet Transport, Erin Robbins, shares the latest on how we're overcoming these obstacles to stay in the air.

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Winter Storm Conditions

Two critical flights out of Louisiana were scheduled for this week. Shelters there faced closures in preparation for drastic winter temperatures and dangerous icy conditions. Additionally, many roads and bridges were closed, making travel to airports nearly impossible. But, with our team's and volunteers' passion and commitment, we got all of the pets there safe and sound.

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The destinations for these flights also faced significant challenges. Our receiving point in Wisconsin was affected by widespread power outages. And our receiving point in New Jersey was impacted by another blast of winter weather, causing delays in their ability to land our plane safely.  

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Photo © Jefferson Protection and Animal Welfare Services

Postponing the flights until after the weather passed was a consideration. Still, it would have brought tough decisions, as many of our partners have outdoor kennels and needed more space inside to accommodate the pets scheduled for their flights.  

With temperatures in the teens across the country and heavy snow forecasted, these animals could not be humanly housed outdoors.

Shelter Heroes Step Up

  • Despite receiving shelters in Wisconsin being out of power for days and bombarded by feet of snow, the trip was still possible. Volunteers and shelter staff shoveled out and arrived to receive our flight. Because of their work, 105 dogs and 38 cats were transported to safety.  
  • Jefferson Shelter, just 19 miles from our intake airport in New Orleans, went above and beyond. They transformed their conference room into a place for staff to stay overnight on cots with the transported pets.    
  • Airports also made every effort to help. Our fixed-based operators cleared heated hangers for our planes and shelter vehicles, ensuring safe loading and unloading zones.     

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These life-saving flights would not be possible without your generous and ongoing support. Sign up for the latest information on how Greater Good Charities is up and running – and flying – during this brutal wave of winter storms.