Behind the Headlines: A Glimpse into the Devastating Reality of War in Ukraine

Boris-Pomroy-Square Boris Pomroy, our Executive Vice President of Fundraising and Marketing, shares the story of Sergi, a retired army sergeant in Chernihiv, Ukraine, who survived a bombing.
Chernihiv lies just 40 miles from the Russian border on one of the main routes to Kyiv.
When the conflict began, missiles rained down on the city and surrounding villages. Many areas were completely destroyed. Those who survived became victims of rocket-propelled grenade attacks as columns of soldiers drove past on their way to the Ukrainian capital. In the remains of his home, we met Sergi, a retired army sergeant.

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"My whole house has been destroyed," he said, showing us the collapsed home and its blown-in windows. He disappears for a minute, returning with the remains of a bomb. "This is it. This is what fell on me." 

As we walked through what remains of his garden, Sergi showed us his car, which was also destroyed. "The soldiers were just over there," Sergi murmured, almost to himself, pointing to the other side of the garden wall. "They fired a rocket straight into the garden. It missed me but hit my car." 

Although this happened in the war's earliest days, Sergi's home remains uninhabitable. The Ukrainian government has support and relocation packages in place, but resources are limited and rarely reach as far as these remote villages. And sadly, due to an injury while serving in the army, Sergi is disabled and reluctant to move.

He now lives in what was once his shed, with just enough room for a single bed and a small gas hob. He draws water from a nearby tap daily, dragging the ten-liter container back to his temporary home.

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Sergi is one of over 3,000 individuals and families in need who have benefitted from Greater Good Charities' Winter Relief Boxes. In addition to food staples such as rice, pasta, and tinned meat, the box contains a thick blanket, a hat, gloves, and warm socks. The box also includes a few treats to ensure people like Sergi can have a moment of joy, even in the darkest hours.

Sergi's story is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and underscores the urgent need for continued support in the region.

Every donation to Great Good Charities helps deliver life-saving aid to those facing the harsh realities of war. Thank you to all our donors for helping transform and save lives.