Earth Day is Every Day


At Greater Good Charities, we amplify the good in ways that help all of us. As a global non-profit focused on people, pets, and the planet, we are keenly aware of how closely we are tied to one another and the earth itself. With your support, we can make an impact on our planet and its inhabitants in so many ways. Here are just a few.

When we help people in Ukraine…

War is destructive in so many ways, including to the planet. People, landscape, animals, habitats and more suffer. Your support has helped us fund more than 9.5 million meals for war-impacted people via local partners and food banks and more than 31.6 million meals for pets (owned and shelter). Our team has been on the ground for over a year, helping our fellow humans and their beloved companion animals survive amidst this ongoing crisis. We continue to assist and put in place plans to provide relief for the foreseeable future.

20230217_Man Carrying Box and Blanket_©Oro Whitley_Ukraine Response_Food Boxes and Blankets Distribution (Halystynove)-square
20230217_Two Tan Puppies Eating_©Oro Whitley_Ukraine Response_Food Boxes and Blankets Distribution (Halystynove) (1)-square

When we feed starving bees…

Natural disasters can be devastating to ecosystems. When Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida in September 2022, it not only destroyed human homes but also the homes of one of the most critical elements of our ecosystems: the bees. When we learned that the Florida bees would soon be on the brink of starvation, having lost hives and food sources, we sprung into action and partnered with local organizations to donate synthetic pollen and syrup to feed the bees and help them on their way to recovery.

102022_Bee Syrup Container_©GGC_Tampa Trip Bees and Feeding-05

When we work to reduce pet overpopulation…

Pet overpopulation creates a domino effect of strain on communities, animal welfare organizations, and resources. Many unwanted dog and cat litters end up in animal shelters or as strays on the street. Our Good Fix program visits communities across the country to provide spay and neuter services including TNR (trap, neuter, return) for community dogs/cats to keep pet populations within sustainable levels. In fact, since its inception, our Good Fix team has spayed and/or neutered more than 50,000 dogs and cats to help address the pet overpopulation issue in the local communities it serves. 

20230310_Oklahoma_Line_of_Surgeries_©_GGC_Good_Fix (1)-square

When we protect endangered and at-risk species and environments

Our job as stewards of this planet is to protect the creatures that live on it as well as the land on which we all live. We work to preserve species that are at-risk or endangered by monitoring and taking action to feed and preserve their environments. From feeding starving manatees in Florida to monitoring and supporting giant pandas, pangolins and snow leopards through our Project Peril program, our work in preservation is critical to all of us. Our Madrean Discovery expeditions monitor the Madrean Sky Islands, also known as the Madrean Archipelago, an understudied but biologically rich region in order to learn about and protect the ecosystems there.

MDE - Sonora
TopImage_092022_Photographing Holding Creature 2_©GGC_MDE – Sierra Murrieta copy

Our work year-round, every year is critical to maintaining and growing the programs that continue to preserve and protect the world in which we all live. Thank you for helping us do that!

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