Gifts that Give Back: The Ultimate Gift Guide

This holiday season, give a truly meaningful gift by supporting causes that matter. Whether it's uplifting people, caring for animals, preserving our planet, or aiding in disaster relief, our list of charitable gift options embodies the spirit of giving. You can make a monetary donation in someone else's name, championing significant causes that have real world impact. Join us in spreading compassion and generosity by giving a gift that amplifies the good.

Gifts for pet lovers:


1. Give Food to Pets in Need

Shopping for someone passionate about animals? Donate in their name for our annual pet food drive, providing 3 million meals to hungry cats and dogs. Your donation will help shelters care for more animals, rescuing pets from harsh lives on the streets and giving them the chance for a forever home.


Gifts for Environmentalists:


2. 'Bee' a hero and feed a hive of honeybees

For your loved one who is passionate about the environment, donate in their name to save the bees. Your donation will help struggling bee colonies affected by war and natural disasters. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida we ensured the well-being of 1.7 billion bees by supplying essential sugar syrup and pollen substitute, supporting 4,500 at-risk hives with an additional two months' worth of sustenance. In Ukraine, we've distributed over 30,000 lbs. of pollen substitute and 11,000 lbs. of sugar, ensuring the survival of these vital pollinators throughout the beekeeping season. Join us in making a difference for our buzzing friends in need. 


Gifts to Help Others:



This winter, thousands of veterans, along with their pets, are at risk of being left out in the cold. Sadly, approximately 40,000 unhoused veterans and their animals lack the essential supplies needed for warmth and comfort. Many homeless shelters don't accommodate pets, forcing veterans to make a choice: endure the harsh outdoors with their beloved pets or seek shelter and part ways with their only family. Our Good Packs, containing essential comfort items like blankets, socks, food, hygiene items, dog toys, treats, and more, aim to bridge this gap. Your donation provides a Good Pack to a veteran experiencing homelessness and their pet, providing them warmth and comfort this holiday season.


Gifts that Support Disaster Relief:


4. Send a Winter Relief Kit to a Struggling Family in Ukraine

For many, the holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and family; for Ukrainians facing winter in a war-torn country, the holidays are a bitter reminder of all that they’ve lost. With freezing temperatures, destroyed villages, no electricity, and the constant fear of explosives outdoors, the festive spirit is often overshadowed. Will you help restore some holiday comforts to Ukraine? Your donation will provide a Winter Relief Kit, packed with essentials like blankets, scarves, pet food, seasonal treats, and traditional meal staples to a struggling family, bringing warmth and hope during this holiday season.


Long Term Gifts:


5. Become a Protector with a Monthly Gift

Looking for a meaningful way to honor a loved one throughout the year? Consider becoming a Protector on their behalf. By making a monthly donation in their name, you'll be amplifying the good all year round. Your continuous support directly contributes to Greater Good Charities' vital programs for people, pets, and the planet, making a lasting impact. Join our dedicated group of Protectors today and help us create positive change month after month.


This holiday season, give a gift that gives back. By supporting important causes, you are contributing to a more compassionate and brighter future for all. Together we can continue to spread the spirit of generosity, making the world a little warmer, kinder, and more hopeful for everyone.

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