From Garbage Dump to Loving Home

The Story of Zeus and His Family

Greater Good Charities partnered with local organizations in Topeiros, Greece, to help control the pet overpopulation crisis that is impacting the community.

Greece Dog Overpopulation Crises

Topeiros, Greece, is in the midst of a severe pet overpopulation crisis.

Currently, more than 600 stray dogs are struggling to survive. They are living on garbage heaps, starving, covered in fleas and ticks, and suffering from horrible injuries or illnesses.

Local animal welfare organizations are stretched beyond capacity trying to care for them, but without medical intervention and sterilization to control their increasing populations, many more litters of puppies will be born and are in danger of not surviving.

The few who live into adulthood will suffer the same reality as their parents.

VS-Photograph_20231103_DRI_Topeiros_004_©AnimalActionGreece copyPhoto © Animal Action Greece

Greater Good Charities partnered with Animal Action Greece to provide aid to these poor animals and rehome as many as possible. Through generous donations, we were able to provide food, critical medical treatment, and sterilization to 157 of the dogs currently living in the area. amongst.


We're working to feed and care for 600 starving, sick dogs who were abandoned in Greece. Rush your aid now at the link in bio. Video Credit: Angel's Garden

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meet Zeus

Zeus, his mother, and eight brothers and sisters were found living in a garbage dump.

Drinking filthy water and constantly scrounging for bits of food, they endured horrific conditions. The team rescued Zeus and his entire family and gave them much-needed medical care and food. They are now living a good, safe, and warm life and no longer have to rely on garbage scraps for their meals.

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meet Bella

Bella, the first dog Animal Action Greece spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and tagged, is a result of our collective effort. The green tag on her ear signifies her sterilization, a significant step that prevents her from enduring the challenges of giving birth to another litter of puppies she cannot care for. 

Bella was one of 157 dogs that Animal Action Greece's team rescued and sterilized during this time.

VS-Photograph_20231103_DRI_Topeiros_017_©AnimalActionGreece copyPhoto © Animal Action Greece

Why Spaying and Neutering Matters

These clinics not only prevent new litters of puppies from being born into a life of suffering on the streets, but they also uplift the community by preventing them from being overrun by stray animals after disasters. 

Controlling the stray pet population improves the entire city's condition while providing lifesaving medical aid and better lives for dogs. 

With the help of vital donations and Animal Action Greece's partnership, 157 dogs were successfully vaccinated, sterilized, and microchipped. Your donations contribute to this ongoing, important work around the world.

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