Easing the Stress for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness 

Unfortunately, the transition from military to civilian life can be extremely difficult. It’s very common to see those who have served in the military return home to economic hardships and mental illness. Many are unable to access affordable housing and other basic necessities. Finding the assistance they need to navigate civilian life is stressful and unachievable.

We are proud to serve the veterans who once served us through our partnerships with organizations like the United Military Care (UMC) and their Supplies for Veterans project. Thanks to your generous donations last year, 3,800 people and 60 dogs throughout Georgia were assisted with this project. United Military Care, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans succeed, handed out Good Packs to veterans experiencing homelessness and Pup Pouches to their dogs. 


Team members from UMC holding  backpacks that were handed out to veterans experiencing homeless

Photo © United Military Care


The backpacks included face masks, basic hygiene supplies, clothing, and food, while the Pup Pouches supplied through Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs program included dog food, treats, and other essentials like slip leads and food bowls. Homeless encampments tend to be tightly populated, so the distribution of masks and hand sanitizer helped reduce the spread of COVID-19 in their area. 

Oftentimes, people experiencing homelessness lose their belongings, or their belongings wear out or get stolen. Your donations supporting our Good Packs program provide these veterans with new backpacks and items that bring them a sense of hope; that there are people out there who empathize with them and care about them. Giving Pup Pouches to the veterans with dogs also means so much to them. Pets are typically the only family members the people experiencing homelessness can count on. This is why United Military Care also teams up with law enforcement and animal control to provide them with Pup Pouches so the authorities can hand them out to pet owners; creating a sense of trust.

Photo © United Military Care 

37,252 veterans experience homelessness on a given night (National Alliance to End Homelessness). It is our shared responsibility to make sure that those who fought to protect us and our country have the tools and the support to get back on their feet and navigate civilian life. 


To send a Good Pack and a Pup Pouch to a veteran experiencing homelessness and their pet, donate today!